Dandiya 2012


     You Dream of discovering INDIA, but think that...

    A One Week Holiday is Too Short.                    ---   It's Not !
    You must Take the Train or Bus for Hours       ---   Not Necessary !
    It's Difficult with Kids.                                      ---   No Problem !
    You will have problems with the food.              ---   Many Choices

    Hopping from Town to Town is Troublesome   ---   Just Stay Here !


     A Way to Discover Real India ......         GO to MUMBAI ! 



 Another way to discover India 


Some visits USA only to see New York City.   

So why don't we visit India only to see Mumbai ?

A mega city with multicultural locals, Various Temples, the Colonial Monuments, Arts, the Local Markets, the Religious Festivals, choice of Restaurants.....even some Roof Top Bars !










 To See, To Do

 To Eat, To Buy

 What's More

go to......

 *** Excursion to Goa from Mumbai  ***

   Suggestion for City + Beach Holiday.

   Please check Mumbai Blog pages, articles on Goa

   are also added  !γ€€

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