Inside Gujarati box

It is always pleasure to find something fancy or delicious, while wandering around Mumbai's local markets.

In the food markets, I was impressed by the variety of spices used in local cuisine.

I had just tasted in the restaurants of the town.

Considering number of choice, it is a real magic to find a harmony to creat a delicately flavored cuisine with all these spices.

I also found a shop who sold, among others, many sort of Italian pasta.

Is it a popular food in India?

My guide said that she cooked pasta at her children's request.

"In Indian taste though" she added.

I had already enjoyed Chinese style Italian Pasta in HongKong and Japanese style in Japan.

So what about Inidan style?

I would be curious enough to try spicy Indian pasta which could be seasoned with the spices from these markets.

Once I found beautifully decorated boxes on Crawford Market's shop's shelf and thought they were jewel boxes.

This Gujarati style box is in fact a gift box for Diwali festival (festival of lights), and mainly to assort dry fruits or nuts. What a lovely tradition.

I have just brought one back for using it as a jewel box. Why not?

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Gujarati Diwali Gift Box


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