Lord Mahavir from Bombay ~ Bombay Elsewhere

A great number of people comes and leaves Bombay, some emigrates overseas.

Since the time when the city was called Bombay, for many, it has been a point of passage.

In the city of Kobe, Japan, a beautiful marble made Jain temple was inaugurated in 1985, 28 Jain families who were living there made a donation for its construction.

Many of them are engaged in pearl trade business.

The notice is written in Gujarati on the white board of the temple, and there you find Lord Mahavir's statue which was sent from Bombay at the moment of foundation.

Bhagwan Mahavirswami Jain Temple,

3-7-5, Kitano-cho, Kobe, Japan

Women dressed in colorful saris, sari shop, Indian restaurants, and locally so called "Indian mansions" --- the inhabitants in which were Indian origin --- from which good smell of spicy cuisine emerged. All these are a part of my home town memory.

Indian community has been settled in Kobe since the end of 19 century, and consists of Gujaratis, Sikhs, Parsi sand Sindhis.

The city has a Masjid, a Sikh Temple, also an Indian Club.

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