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Being inspired by a fascinating book on the city, the idea of visiting Mumbai came across to me when I was planning my second trip to India, after a group tour in the North of the country few years earlier.

I felt in love with this city immediately, more I saw, more I wanted to see.

Then I would love to share this passion on Mumbai to more people, far from Europe where I live now, show how this place is worth to visit from a tourist's point of view.

Having met travellers in other parts of India, I found Mumbai was under-estimated --- an expenseive city, there are not lots to see ---it's not true!

India has many marvellous sites to visit, but Mumbai has its own charm, which is to be discovered.

I find that Mumbai is an ideal place to see "traditional India" and "India now "both at the same time. For that this is the city also fits the travellers who have no enough time to moving from city to city for long distance.

It would be great if you would have opportunity to discover this magic city, or if it has alreday done, your opinion would be highly welcomed.

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