In 1954, A Boy arrived in Port of Bombay......

A boat from Sultanate of Zamzibar (now Tanzania) debarked in Port of Bombay one day in 1954, a young passenger of eight years old then discovered this big city full of people, animals, lickshaws, and cars ( less at that time!).

The boy spent eight years in the small town of Panchgani in Western Ghats somewhere between Bombay and Pune, in a British style boarding school far from his own family.

It was during this period where he started his activity as musicien --- he said to be a talented piano player, and also played in the band with his school mates.

He continued education in a secondary school in Bombay, before went back to Zamzibar, from where entire family fled to England during the Zamaibar revolution in 1964.

The boy started new life in England, later became one of the most talented musician, known as Freddie Mercury (Queen).

An excellent documentary on his biography "Freddie Mercury, The Untold Story" (BBC 2000) shows this Parsi origin talented artist's unique life, constituted with long interviews to his family, partners, friends, also to his schoolmates in India (Mumbai).

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