Go Mumbai ... to National Theatre, London

I have just received a news letter from National Theatre, London for ticket sales opening of "Behind the Beautiful Forevers", a play of awarded play/screen writer David Hare. (programmed from Friday December 12th on)

This play is based on the awarded American journalist/writer Katherine Boo's non-fiction book of the same title (2012) , a story on the lives of peope in Mumbai's slum.

Boo, who had already won Pulitzer Prize for Public Service in 2000 for her journalistic work on people in poverty, won several awards on this book in 2012 and 2013.

This book has been in my bookshelf since....some times. Time to read, or could book Eurostar and go see the play first.

I will come back to this subject once read or seen.

I bought this book and another novel "Shantaram" (Gregory David Roberts, 2003) in a bookstore in Mumbai. Both stories are based in Mumbai slum.

This is the reason why I went for Dharavi slum tour in 2012 to better figure out the place and it was a great experience for me to perceive things also through my own eyes and not only through what you learn from others.

If you are interested in this play, here is the link to National Theatre;


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