When Mumbai's temperature drops down to below 20 degree celsius

Years ago, I was surprised to learn that chilly warning had been issued in HongKong at 15 degrees celsius.

I realized this obvious fact that people lived in different environment had different feeling temperature.

Today, here in Paris, minimum temperature is 4 degree and maximum 10 degree. I feel this is rather warmer day. I enjoyed playing tennis in outside court yesterday.

In Mumbai, it is hot (for me) up to nearly 30 degree celsius these days, while the temperature drops down to below 20 degree at night --- 20 degree, I would feel that spring time arrives.

Apparentlly, for Mumbaikers, below 20 degree is chilly.....

A girl from Singapore once told me that living in the country of perpetual summer, she felt boring that she could not enjoy wearing fancy coats nor pullovers.

So this could also be a opportunity to try different outfit ?

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