A Night in a Cotton Mills Compound

Blue Frog Lower Parel

Mumbai, Lower Parel.

Saturday Night at 10:30pm.

Once getting into the old cotton mill compound from busy street, cars and bikes were looking for parking place, young Mumbai girls in bare top dress, mini skirt and high heels were going here and there, in the muddy no-paved passage where used to be rushed by mill workers.

Formerly called "Manchester of the East", cotton industry made Bombay a prosperous city since nineteenth century, first by export of cotton to Britain (then reimport its textiles).

Bombay Spinning and Weaving Company, the first cotton mills owned and managed by indian established in 1854.

The textile industry built city's golden age under British colonial era, the major part of mill owners were indians.

The number of mill workers had always been quite important until Great Bombay Textile Strike in 1982, which lasted for eighteen months long and caused closure of many of mills in the city.

After this decline of industry, redevelopment projects of closed mills have been under way --- many of them are/will be transformed to the residential skycrapers or amusement facilities.

Among these ambitious projects, Phoenix Mills in Lower Parel is now transformed to Hight Street Phoenix Mall, where shoppers replace mill workers, while Shree Ram Mills in Worli is now under construction of Palais Royale, a luxury residential skycraper.

Just one month ago, I went to Blue Frog club which was located in one of these transformed mills compound, Mathuradas Mills, where houses also recent trendy spot Cafe Zoe.


It was a rainy Saturday night (rare, rainning in Mumbai in February!), I had a blue frog's figure stamped on my hand, then let's go in !

The interior design was quite original, space-suggestive, the customers were mainly indians and also foreigners. The table was full, many were just standing and listening to the music.

Local band The Other People was on the stage for Retro Night, playing hit numbers from eighties and nineties. Good music choice, good band. The audience advanced to the front space one after another and moved to the danceable music.

I had visited tourist spots all day long then at the end of the day, I discovered another indian world, nice experience!

To my good surprise, the acoustics of this place is really good ! Worth to have a look when you are in Mumbai.

Check the program, and enjoy !

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