***Goa*** Days of Vindaloo Hunter

Vindaloo ! Vindaloo ! Vindaloo !

One of the spicy curry dishes which I find in most of the Indian restaurants in Paris.

I had heard that Vindaloo was Goan speciality.

So, I would find out what is the authentic Vindaloo.......in Goa !

Goa was under Portuguese control from 1510 to 1961, for 450 years , therefore has its particularity --- a Portuguese touch in architecture, cuisine etc.

The origin of Vindaloo is a Portuguese dish Carne de vinha d'alhos, wine-and-garlic- marinated meat (mostly pork, but could be rabbit).

Palm vinegar replaces wine, and local spices are added. Still Goa is the rare region in India where pork is served in local dish.

Let's go into the first restaurant !

Alexandra (Beach Road, Candolim)

This restaurant is located in very touristic area, with maninly foreign customers.

So called Anglo-Indian pork Vindaloo ? With brown suger added?

I loved this sweeter version indeed. If pork had been braised longer, it would be very good.

GTDC Farmagudi Residency (Ponda)

I joined GTDC's South Goa Day Tour and had lunch stop in this GTDC hotel's restaurant.

I was the only foreigner in the group, all others were indians.

I suppose that this is the most authentic Goan Chicken Vindaloo.

Very hot, so spicy even for me. I am spicy food lover though.

I orderd Maaza to cool down my burning mouth. I shared the table with young Indian honeymooners from Mumbai, they tried my dish, and did not find it too hot....

* GTDC : Goa Tourism Development Corporation

Hospedaria Venite (31st January Road, Panjim)

Very popular hotel-restaurant for tourists, both indians and foreigners.

A charming Portuguese house offers a various Goan cuisine.

This pork Vindaloo has delicate flavor. Different from two provious Vindaloo.

Three different restaurants is not much enough, yet their Vindaloo were all different.

So which is the authentic one?

I would order Vindaloo in other restaurants such as "George's" or "Horseshoe" in Panjim. But I also wanted to taste other Goan dishes --- Xacuti, Fish Curry etc !

My Vindaloo hunting is not finished. I have to go taste carne de vinha d'alhos in Portugal too.

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