Bhel Puri 〜 Taste with Your Mouth and Your Eyes

My name is Bhel Puri, I was born in Mumbai.

There are thousands of roadside food stalls in the city.

I am the most popular chaat in the town. !

Every Bhelwala has his own recipe. They are all magicians, or artists.

-- Hello ! Can you show them how to prepare Bhel Puri ?

Look !

This is what I am made out of !

Puffed Rice

Sev (fried chickpea flour vermicelli)

Chopped Vegetables (onion, tomato, potato...)



Masala Powder

Lemon (juice)

Tamarind or Vegetable chutney etc...

Now see what's going on !

My Bhelwala holds a A4 size paper wrap on left hand.....what's written on the paper today ?

"The Community based sponsorship program...purpose of evaluation ?" ;-D

-- I would be nice in it !

Let's start !

(with right hand only) puts puffed rice in the paper wrap.....adds chopped onions.......masala powder......chopped tomatos......papdis......beans......squeeze lemon for juice....add powder again......blends all of them with hand....adds sev in it......chopped coriander......powder again......chopped onions.

All this in only 40 seconds !

After having tasted with your eyes, now please taste with your mouth.

-- How do you like it ?

*** picture on the top:

Amish Sheth, owner/tour guide of Mumbai Moments〜Personalised Day Tours.

Great thanks for helping me out to find the best Bhel Puri and to communicate with Bhelwala during the Food Tasting Tour.

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