Why India Gate, and not Gateway of India ?

Starbucks Mug

Starbucks Coffee, Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai

India is a tea drinking country (please see my past post "Bombay Chai Party").

I love drinking a cup of good masala chai at my favorite street chai vendors' places, though it seems to be a men's territory --- I rarely see women there, nor young urban type.

You can see these people rather in coffee shops. For example, Bangalore based local coffee house chain Cafe Coffee Day exists since 1996.

I am not really sure if this segregation is question of "taste (tea or coffee)" or "place (roadside stall or shop)".

American coffee house chain Starbucks opened its very first coffee shop in India on 19 October 2012, during my first visit in Mumbai.

It is located in Fort area, South Mumbai, in Horniman Circle's historical building.

"STARBUCKS A TATA Alliance" --- mentioned on the signboard. It came into Indian market in collaboration with local TATA group.

At that time, I just got into the coffee shop to have a quick visit. Just after the opening, there were so many people inside and even outside the shop.

I was interested in Starbucks Indian version mug, but.....I only found the version with India Gate and Cricket. And personally, I was not convinced. Cricket is OK, Indians are fool of this sports, but...

--- Why India Gate and not Gateway of India?

The first shop was opened in Mumbai and they sold Delhi's India Gate's design mug instead of Gateway, Mumbai's landmark ?

A strategic error?

Starbucks Mumbai

Starbucks Coffee, Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai

Alphonso Mango Frappuccino would be nice in a hot day

I went back to Mumbai one year later in October 2013, stepped into new Starbucks Coffee next to Taj Mahal Hotel, just to find that the design on mug was always Cricket + India Gate only.

Same, upon my third visit in February 2015.

In 12 Asian contries where Starbucks coffee sets up, except Brunei and India, others have 2 to 5 different regional version of mugs. Yet Brunei is a small nation.

If the management targets foreign visitors for mug sales and Delhi has more foreign tourists than Mumbai, why they do not sell Taj Mahal version, for example, which is more popular site ?

I would buy one if one day I see Gateway of India or CST station version or even other Mumbai landmark.

There are 24 Starbucks in Mumbai and 16 in Delhi now.

I can hardly imagine a Paris' Eiffel Tower Starbucks mug being sold in Marseille shop, or a Marseille's Notre Dame de la Garde Church mug being sold in Paris.

El Clasico --- regional rivalry is everywhere, not only in football (or cricket) world. A bit complicate issue. Delhi habitants could have their opinion on Mumbai and Mumbaikers could have their version on Delhi......

So I watched a DVD which I bought in Mumbai. The story is just OK, but you can learn some "Cliche" between two cities.


Mumbai girl meets Delhi boy..... "Mumbai Delhi Mumbai"

......and meanwhile I add these on my mug collection.


Left: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Museum shop

Right : Bombay Store

= Data =

Gateway of India India Gate

Location Mumbai New Delhi Foundation stone laid 1911 1921

Inaugurated 1924 1931

Height 25 m 42m

Built as King George V's visit memorial First World War/3rd Anglo-Afghan War memorial

Gateway of India Mumbai


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