Mumbai T.P.O. 〜 Kurta or Tank Top?

Cafe Basilico, Bandra, Mumbai

If you are a female traveller in India, you have bought at least one fancy Indian dress, have you ?

I have.

I bought four kurtas, and pants, stole, shoes to fit with.

Not only because they are colorful and beautiful, but also when you walk aroud South Mumbai or any local areas where most of local women wear traditional dresses, I feel better in kurtas than body line appearing jeans or shoulder exposing tank top.

Is it necessary for foreign tourists do as locals do ?

Not sure. Sometimes people does not care so long as you are obviously a foreigner.

* * * * *

I managed to eat "only" spicy Indian foods from morning till evening during two weeks' holiday in India and I was proud of my capacity of food adaptation.

It was my very first trip to India.

This year, from time to time, I felt like eating good Italian pasta. I don't know why....

In a metropolis like Mumbai, I can find one, surely.

So I went to a local recommended restaurant in South Mumbai, where you can eat international vegetarian food.

"RELISH" (Jamshedji Tata Road, Near KC College, Churchgate) was full of local groups and families

RELISH's menu

Well well, seems yammy.

Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Swiss, such a variety !

I was about to go for Mumbai Bhaji Pizza --- I am a person with a strong curiosity and I love local original one which I can not find anywhere else.

Indian pizza ! Much better, Mumbai pizza ! Very local ! I love local experiences.

Today, I still dream of Mumbai Bhaji Pizza, which, regretfully I did not order that day....

I tried Spaghetti Peperoncino.

Spaghetti Peperoncino @ RELISH, Churchgate, Mumbai

Spaghetti Peperoncino, or Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino, is prepared with garlic, (olive) oil and chili pepper. So no wonder it was served spicy. Not Al Dente (like often the case in France), it was Indian spaghetti and was quite successful for that. Satisfied to try local spaghetti, it was what I wanted.

At some point, I was aware that local clients were watching me discreetly.

I was only non-Indian in the restaurant that night, and the clients were of middle or upper middle class citizens. It seemed strange that they were watching me as so, unusual behavior.

Then, I realized that NOT ONLY that I was only non-Indian, but I was ONLY client who wore Kurta, traditional Indian dress !

I understood why people was watching me.

And I observed them --- not even single woman dressed in sari nor kurta, even elderly women.

And men wore polo in majority, elderly men too.

It was the first time that I was among locals who all dressed in Western style. Usually when I walk around the town, most of the women wear traditional dresses even in a modern city like Mumbai

It was not wrong to wear Kurta in this situation but it was good to learn in India today, there is new type of T.P.O. = Time, Place, Occasion !

I visited many rural areas in the North (Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajastan states) during my first holiday in India in 2007. Since that time, I feel I have been going so far.

For exemple, I saw young Mumbaikers wearing tank top with mini skirt when I went to Blue Frog Club one Saturday night. It was what I had never seen in town during the daytime!

Blue Frog, Lower Parel, Mumbai

My Italian (or Indian) pasta quest went on......

Cafe Basilico, Bandra, Mumbai

In Bandra, I found a western style restaurant Cafe Basilico, the mushroom pasta which I ordered was served Al Dente ! It was a slightly spicy though, an Indian touch.

Spaghetti @ Indigo Delicatessen, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai

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