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This place gives an impression somewhat very familier, even when you step on this place for the very first time --- Marine Drive *** of Mumbai, a curving coast line avenue facing Arabian Sea.

*** Marine Drive is officialy named "Netaji Subjash Chandra Bose Marg".

I love being there upon every visit in the city.

You could have seen... mostly in Bollywood movies --- car chases, love stories, many things happen here.

I do remember, I saw in the Bollywood film of 2004, "Dhoom (first one. I watched all 1-2-3 ;-D)", an impressive robbery scene on the flyover of Marine Drive at the beginning of the film.

This action film is a turning ponit for me. The first Bollywood film which I found being out of typical Indian movies' style.

In another film, Amir Khan's arty "Dhobi Ghat", though a bit stereotype description of Mumbai, you can see Marine Drive from Malabar Hill side.

I saw more and more health conscious Mumbaikers were jogging or walking on Marine Drive, young and old.

There were of course the tourists, domestic and overseas, waiting for shutter chance to take some beautiful sunset pictures for Mumbai visit's souvenir.

Vendors of all sort are on the promnade at any time and as anywhere.

And, as always, young lovers sitting side by side.

When I visited for the second time, I was a bit surprised to see increasing number of these young couples.

Was it because of the fact that since few years' time, Bollywood film industry is opened to "kiss scene" ?

View from "Dome" Bar

"Dome" Bar

Don't forget "Dome", a rooftop bar in InterContinental Hotel at Marine Drive.

True, it is a little bit expensive (I paied 570 rupees for a glass of water melon juice), but it is worth to go to admire splended sunset over Arabian Sea.

Marine Drive "starts" from Nariman Point to the south and "ends" at Chowpatty Beach to the North, where coast line continues to Malabar HIll peninsula, the most wealthiest area of the city.

I tried Ayurvedic treatments in Kaivalyadhama Yoga Centre, which is located just next to Taraporewala Aquarium (re-opend in March 2015 just one day after I left the city).

The yoga training hall for female members on the upper floor has windows with Arabian Sea view.

Nearby along the coast, just next to Chowpatty Beach, there is a private membership club The Pransukhlal Mafatlal Hindu Swimming Bath and Boat Club, the first membership club built during British rule for middle class Hindu citizen who had no swimming facility before.

It has a big terrace facing the ocean, where club members are chatting over a cup of chai and delicious local snacks.

During the hot daytime, visitors are rare.

And once it cools down, Mumbaikers come around for sea breeze.

Chowpatty Beach is transformed into an open air theatre during festival seasons.

I was in Mumbai during Dasara Festival. During 10 days, Lord Rama's play was held on the temporary theatre built on the beach.

On the last day, at the climax of the story where Ravana was killed by Lord Rama with his arrow, a huge Ravana effigy made of papier and wood previously set on the beach was burnt at the same timing.

Mumbaikers and tourists gathered on the beach to see this sectacle.

Also, Dandiya dance space is settled nearby during the festival.

If you are happened to be in Mumbai now, sooner, the most important festival of the city Ganesh Chaturthi will be held all around the city, and you can see the huge Ganesh statues will be immersed into the sea from Chowpatty and other beaches or lakes.

At night, you can admire panoramic view of Marine Drive from other side, Kamala Nehru Park on Malabar Hill, from where you can see the famous so called "Queen's Necklace",a curving illumination along Marine Drive's coast line.

Old yellow sodium vapour lights were replaced by LED lights in January 2015 for ecological sake.

This has changed light color from yellow to white.

I was a little bit disappointed to see new white necklace in March. Personally I prefer old color.

--- The Queen has changed her perle necklace to diamond one?

Recenly Bombay Hign Court allowed the return to yellow color by replacing LED socket......

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