Ganesh Chaturthi ~ Hurry Up for 11 Days' Enthusiasm in Mumbai !

Lord Ganesh is the elephant headed HIndu God, worshipped as remover of obstacle by Hindu devotees but also by Buddhists in some South Eatern Asian countries.

Such a catching figure he has !

Why do you have elephant head ? *

Why is your tusk broken? **

Why is your vehicule a small mouse/rat ? ***

What is modak, your favourite sweets ? ****

Lord Ganesh, the most popular Hindu God, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati,

Ganesh Chuaturthi, one of the most important festival in Mumbai which celebrates this Elephant headed God is now ongoing in Mumbai for 11 days since 17th September this year.

The last day on 27th Septmber (Anant Chaturdasi), devotees carry the idols in the sea, called Ganesh Visarjan, The most fascinating and exciting scenary of the festival.

A local friend sent me some pictures on this post.

Unfortunatey I am not in Mumbai now to see the festival, but if you have opportunity, just go discover it, I wish you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !

* The most known version is that Ganesh is created by Parvati.

One day, Ganesh was ordered by Parvati to keep watch while she was bathing. Lord Shiva came

back at that moment.

Not knowing the man was Lord Shiva, Ganesh refused him to enter and was beheaded by him.

Lord Shiva, later learned that he beheaded his own son, he quested for the head in vain, and finally

he cut the head of the first creature he met --- an elephant --- and placed its head on Ganesh's body.

** Ganesh broke his own tusk to dictate <Mahabharata> with it.

** Upset Ganesh broke his own tusk and threw it towards Chandradev (Moon God) who laughed at


** Ganesh broke his own tusk to defend himself from thrown axe, out of respect to Lord Shiva.

*** Mouse vehicule as a symbol of conquest of obstacles (= rodents).

**** A mixture of jaggery (cane sugar) and grated coconut filled in rice/wheat flour shell.

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