Promnade in Portuguese Quarter 2 〜 Ranwar Village

A peaceful and somewhat nostalgic scenary in the middle of over crowded big city.

Children are playing cricket in the lane surrounding by old Portuguese style wooden houses,

In one of these houses, a man is smoking on his spacious wooden terrace.

Just in front of the terrace, a little girl who was in the party of cricket, is taking diner with her family in the dinng room. A Christian religious painting is hanging on the wall.

I have been in Mumbai total one month long over three visits, and this kind of scenary is not quite familiar.

So where in Mumbai is this place shown in the film "The Lunchbox"?

I discovered Bandra West in February 2015.

During my Mumbai stay, I was in South Mumbai most of the time.

A good surprise to find this area in northern part of the city.

A wide streets with high green trees which make shadow from heating sun beam.

Residential buildings, posh boutiques and restaurants, and very convenient rickshaw ride only at 17 Rs basic tariff !

--- I can live here !

In fact, I did self-made tour named <Such a Long Journey to "Such a Long Journey">.

This is to trace the places in my favourite Rohinton Mistry's novel of the same title and I posted an artilce on it in this blog previously in April.

Mount Mary Church, described in the novel, was where I wanted to visit mainly, and is located in Bandra (West).

And just nearby this church, there is an old Christian area, Ranwar village, where, in spite of rapid transformation of this portion of Mumbai, conserves old wooden houses like we can see in the film.

Surprising to find so many statues of Lord Jesus in street corners and the offering flowers on them show that they are always well maintained by local dovotees.

I am so glad to find this charming old village like atmosphere, which remains just at the proximity to westernized modern Bandra, with its trendy shops, restaurants, bars, and skycrapes.

Varoda road, Bandra West

I explored around the area, off busy Hill road, between Veronica road and Veroda road, school children in uniform were laughing and running through, a vendor was pushing his cart and the habitants were coming around to shop.

I was just curious and watched this daily life scene, felt like being in many years way back in my childhood.

----- What are you looking for ?

a man who was sitting confortably in the chair asked me from the veranda of a wooden house.

---- I was just watching these beautiful wooden cottages, very lovely area.

---- Thank you. Most of these houses are as old as150 years.

Ranwar Village is one of the original 25 villages in Bandra area, a 300 years old Christian hamlet of "East Indians" (so called since 1887, please refer my previous post "Promnade in Portuguese Quarter 1 ~ Kotachiwadi"), and was used to be a rice farmers' village.

And Bandra was the principal point of import and export of rice and vegetables, with, though minor, a port at Land's End with Bandra Fort built in 1640 (named Castella de Aguada by Portugueses, still exists today).

Strongly wish the heritage cottages, East Indian culture and life style here would remain the same for long time. This is very spacial place in Mumbai.

"Fernandes", like Saajan in the film "The Lunch Box", a typical Christian surname since old time.

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