Durga Murti ~ So Beautiful, So Strong

If some of the countries produce many beauty queen, like so called "3C" (Colombia, Chili, Costa Rica), so does India.

Some Miss Universe, Miss World Indian beautiy queens later turned out to be successful Bollywood actresses.

I visited Mumbai during Navratri (means nine nights in Sanskrit) in October 2012 and 2013, one of the most important Hindu festival.

For nine nights and ten days, Hindus worship powerful Goddess Durga, who contributed to Lord Rama's victory against demon Ravana.

During whole festival period, Ramlila (Ramayana) was played on the stage settled on Chowpatty Beach, and on the tenth day, at the end of the battle, Lord Rama released an arrow to Ravana --- at that moment, fire was set on the huge effigy of Ravana settled on the beach nearby, Ravana was burning, and Mubaikers, also tourists like me were watching this spectacle.

Ramlila, Chowpaty Beach, Mumbai 2013

Just nearby, a Dandiya danse space was settled, and I enjoyed watching people dansing with two sticks each. I regret I did not try and join them.

Dandiya, Mumbai October 2012

Dandiya, Mumbai October 2013

Like Kali is, Durga is one aspect of Parvati, Lord Shiva's consort.

During Navratri, or Dassehra, Mumbaikers set Durga Murti (=statue) everywhere in the city and I saw people worshipped to these beautiful Murtis.

--- Which Durga is the most beautiful ?

Durga Murti, Bhuleshwar, Mumbai, October 2012

Durga Murti, Colaba, Mumbai, October 2012

My favourite, Durga Murti in Malabar Hill, Mumbai (October 2012), so beautiful, so strong.

The unconquerable --- meaning of Durga in Sanskrit.

When I passed for the first time, the neighbors were decorating her. I saw that they devoted themself to their Durga Murti.

After ten days, the festival was over, and Durga Murtis were carried away. Where she goes?

Durga Murti, Worli, Mumbai, October 2013

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