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Suketu Mehta book

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City tour in Mumbai

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I was really lucky to choose this local private city tour company to visit Mumbai on my first trip to this city. 

Before arrival, as a female traveller,  I was a little bit nervous visiting this unknown city alone.


Amish and his team, the guides and the drivers, provide excellent quality of service with thier deep knowledge on various aspects on the city.

I appreciated all what I visited with them ---- or," I experienced" is more proper word.


I was in "Good Old Bombay atmospher" and "Restless Mumbai Now", sometimes going around downtown on a motorbike through Mumbai taxis and buses, or taking totally packed local train with local passengers, or sitting in comfortable AC car, from the temples to the markets, from the markets to the  festival events, from the festival to the historical monuments, from the monuments to Dharavi see "Real Mumbai".


All these awesome experience I had with them as I shared with old friends.


Great thanks to Mumbai Moments, make more Mumbai lovers, and keep going on !


I read this fascinating 600 pages' book just after my first trip to North India in 2007, this book led me to the second trip to India years later, as I was eager to discover the universe of Bombay as discribed on it.


This first visit to Bombay made me read this book for the second time and brought me back to the city on the following year.


From old Bombay society of Malabar Hill to the underworld in the nineties,  the religious riots of 1992-93, you are led deep into Bombay wonderland, with astonishing interviews, together with sens of humor and observation of author.


I do not know the author Suketu Mehta personally, but this book gave me a great impact and I would like to give special thanks to him.


If you are interested in this book <Maximum City : Bombay Lost and Found>, please click above image for further information.


Festival season in Mumbai
Street chai vendor
Lassi in South Mumbai
Malabar Hill Dasara Festival