CST Station
CTS Station
Have a ride from World Heritage Railway Station

This most gorgeous colonial architecture which dominates the centre of South Mumbai is in fact a railway station !

Watch carefully detail of sculptures, and visit the halls and see hundreds of passengers on the trains.

Veg Market in Mumbai
Local Markets
Mumbai local life

walking around narrow pathways among local people, obserbing and discovering local products, foods, spices, flowers, or have a look at the antique market, find treasures. The colorful clothes fit exothic disign jewelries. You will forget time passing !



Mani Bhavan Mumbai
Gandhi House
Nation's Father's Museum

Gandhi stepped in his mother country from port of Bombay. Upon each visit in the city, he stayed in his friend 's house, which is now transformed to Gandhi Museum, called Mani Bhavan.

His books collection, the simply decorated room where he used to stay, and the artisanal dolls which represent life of the Nation's father.

Back Bay in Mumbai
Marine Drive,
Chowpatty Beach
Feel Seabreeze of Arabian Ocean

Mumbai is located on the west coast of the sub-continent and opens to Arabian Ocean. Marine Drive gives feeling of open space and  is one of the spot where Mumbaikers have a walk once it gets cooler in the evening. Chowpatty beach is located  at the north end of Marine Drive,  is also the place where locals have some snacks in one of the numerous food stands on the beach.

TV show shooting
Factory of Indian Dream

Lumiere brothers' invention cinematography arrived for the first time from France to India in the port of Bombay, and the city has always been the centre of nation's film industry. You could encounter film shooting, the stars, or, can also visit some of the film studios who are opened to public by some specialized tour companies.

Yoga class in Marine Drive
Yoga, Sports
Indian Wellness

You can practice yoga worldwide now , though Indian origin.

Why don't you join a local yoga class, for your wellness sake.

You can also try other sports activities, known overseas, such as South Indian origin martial arts Kalaripayattu, or various Indian danses like Barathinatyam etc...

Dharavi Slum Tour
Dharavi Slum
Town in Town

When you watch city of Mumbai on Google Map Satelite, you find slum areas spread over the city. The biggest one is Dharavi slum. A part of the Oscar prized film "Slumdog Millionaire" was shot here. In spite of the image which you may get from the film, once you step into Dharavi, there you find a everyday life place with full of activities --- numerous small recycle factories of all sort, residential areas, schools

Just forget your prejudice, and see what is going on in it, and meet habitants. When you get out of Dharvi, you have your own vision. 

Recommended to visit with a local guide.

Excursion in Mumbai
Another Mumbai

Mumbai is developping constantly to the north and to the east. Except huge new residential and industrial area, some places are worth to visit.

The vast Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and its 109 bouddhist cave temples Kanheri Cave which was built between first and nineth centuries. Also, 175km to the east in Nasik, the well known Indian wine Sula productor provides wine tasting centre.

It you have few more days out, you can go as far as to magnific Ajanta and Elora Caves, the World heritage monuments.